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The Design Explorer
CAD & 3D Modeling Newsletter

Welcome to the Ashlar-Vellum user newsletter, The Design Explorer.

This quarterly newsletter serves our community of drafting and design professionals by providing news on events, products, our staff, and customer successes using our CAD and 3D modeling software on Mac and Windows. In each issue you will also find information relating to upcoming product releases as well as tips and techniques for accelerating your productivity. The Proven Success section spotlights the successes and innovations of our remarkable user community. Expand your possibilities with The Design Explorer.

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Has Ashlar-Vellum CAD or 3D modeling software contributed to one of your successes? If so, we’d like to help you tell the world. Maybe you were able to think through a particular design problem, beat your competition to market, work within a challenging infrastructure, create more freely, save time or save the world.

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Issue 27 4th Quarter ’11

  • The Season’s Best from Ashlar-Vellum
  • New Image Handling Options in v9 3D Modeling
  • Accessory Focus
  • Some Anticipated Features in Graphite™ v9
  • Some Anticipated Features in Cobalt™, Xenon™ & Argon™ v9
  • Innovate to Differentiate

Download this issue in PDF: 8.5x11 or A4

Issue 26 3rd Quarter ’11

  • Roar of the Lion
  • More New 3D Modeling Features Discussed v9
  • STU Renewals
  • Graphite Tessellated Text
  • Time Out Snafu
  • Welcome Alex Shcherbakov
  • Welcome Back Alexey
  • Joining Us for Training
  • Cobalt Makes the Differential

Download this issue in PDF: 8.5x11 or A4

Issue 25 2nd Quarter ’11

  • QR Codes on Website
  • Last Chance to Upgrade REALLY Old Software
  • Dynamic Motion Software
  • New PDF Options Coming in Graphite v9
  • Ashlar-Vellum Files on the iPad
  • Tessellated Text Available for Graphite
  • Disappearing Palette Bug Exterminated in Graphite
  • Welcome Back Marina Kukarina
  • Create Animated 3D PDFs with SimLabs Composer
  • Art, Ceiling Fans & Square Roots

Download this issue in PDF: 8.5x11 or A4

Issue 24 1st Quarter ’11

  • Happy Anniversary to the Designer Elements
  • Upgrades from Obsolete Software to Disappear
  • Looking Ahead
  • Training for JC Penney
  • Ooops!
  • Training for WLM Pattern & Machine
  • Advanced Training for Henry James Bicycles
  • Update to Graphite v8 SP3
  • Unicode to be Implemented in Graphite
  • Set Arcs Script for Graphite
  • Choosing the Upgrade Path from old Vellum Software
  • Ice Cream Dream Machine

Download this issue in PDF: 8.5x11 or A4

2015201420132012 • 2011 • 201020092008200720062005All