The Latest Documentation for our CAD & 3D Modeling Products

Below low are the latest manuals for Graphite™, Kinetics™, Cobalt™, Xenon™ and Argon™. They are applicable for running on both Macintosh and Windows operating systems. These are Adobe Acrobat (PDF) documents. To open a PDF in your browser simply click the link. To download the pdf direct to your hard drive, option-click (Mac) or right-click (PC) and Save Target As…

Graphite Quick Reference Card 0.7MB PDF
Graphite v10 Getting Started 6MB ePUB
Graphite v10 User Guide 14MB ePUB
Graphite v9 Getting Started Guide 6MB PDF
Graphite v9 User Guide 11MB PDF
Graphite v8 Getting Started Guide 7MB PDF
Graphite v8 User Guide 16MB PDF
Graphite v7 Getting Started Guide 2.2MB PDF
Graphite v7 User Guide 4.6MB PDF
Kinetics v1 User Guide 5MB PDF
Kinetics v1 Online User Guide
Cobalt, Xenon & Argon v9
Getting Started Guide 4.6MB PDF
User Guide 28.4MB PDF
Cobalt, Xenon & Argon v7+v8
Addendum including SP1 5.1 MB PDF
Cobalt, Xenon & Argon v8
Getting Started Guide 4.3MB PDF
Cobalt, Xenon & Argon v6
User Guide 10.6MB PDF
Cobalt Share User Guide 4.4 MB PDF
Using WIBU CodeMeter Licensing Key
with Ashlar-Vellum Software for Windows.
Download User Guide
Using WIBU CodeMeter Licensing Key
with Ashlar-Vellum Software for Mac OS X.
Download User Guide

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