Upgrade from Xenon™ v6 to v9

Xenon v6 is over 10 years old and considered obsolete, therefore it is no longer eligible for standard discounted upgrade. Please contact Ashlar-Vellum or your dealer for pricing. Xenon v9 offers a number of new tools and user enhancements over Xenon v6. Here is a list of the most important new functions for v9 and the other versions you’ve been missing.

Xenon v9 3D Modeling Software Offers:

Architectural Features

New Drawing Features

  • Improved Hatching (learn more)
  • Flattened Perspective View

New Surfacing Features

New Image Handling Options for 2D Raster Images

Import/Export Enhancements

  • 2D PDF Import
  • 3D PDF Export
  • Kinetics Export (.sim)
  • AutoCAD 2015/2016 DXF/DWG Support

Xenon v8 Offered:

  • Photo-rendered model-to-sheet views
  • Non-photo-realistic “sketch” rendering for stills and animations (SP1)
  • Real-time environment maps in edit window
  • Real-time zebra, normal, curvature & draft check in edit window (SP1)
  • Real-time display in 3D of imported scanned hand sketches or other images
  • Direct support for imprinting profile sketches onto surfaces and solids to create surface subdivisions
  • Advanced control of anti-aliasing for objects, edges, shadows and reflections
  • Independent control of reflections and refractions
  • Accelerated Phong and Gouraud shading options for fly-by and walk-through animations
  • Accelerated Phong and Gouraud shading options for render to file
  • Enhanced Shade Now shortcut
  • Photo-realistic environment maps for stills and animations
  • Photo-realistic sunlight (from location and date/time) for stills and animations
  • Photo-realistic florescent lights and area lights for stills and animations
  • Photo-realistic material changes displayed in real time in the edit window
  • Optionally Include wireframe geometry in photo-realistically rendered stills and animations
  • Enhanced select and transform tools that directly move faces and edges in solids without using the specialized local face tools
  • Import and export of bitmap images
  • Imported bitmaps support alpha channel
  • Spherical, Cylindrical and enhanced Polar duplicate tools
  • Enhanced Spacemouse-device support (Mac and Windows)
  • Multiprocessor photo-realistic rendering and animation on Mac OS X
  • Direct, multi-sheet PDF creation with optionally embedded source and exported files
  • Optional automatic view scale indicator
  • Updated ACIS, STEP, IGES and Catia translators
  • Batch convert tool
  • Updated interface with tear-off and dockable tools and palettes (SP1)
  • Layers optionally override pen properties
  • User-definable Interface Skins
  • User-definable texture library locations
  • New installer
  • Universal Binary support for Intel & Power PC Macs (SP1)
  • Compatible with ACIS 16 & Parasolids 12 for import and export
  • Model to Sheet View automatically draws scale as text element
  • Simplified menus for Text and Dimensions font and size selection (SP1)
  • Enhanced import/export dialog box featuring target and source software by product name
  • Native Mac OS X support
  • Increased program stability
  • Better visual selection tools
  • Faster modeling operations
  • Improved blending
  • Improved shelling
  • Enhanced Design Explorer Feature Tree for streamlined model management and conveying design intent
  • Enhanced undo feature for improved reliability and speed
  • Revised options for displaying dimensional tolerances
  • Support for 3dconnexion’s motion control devices (Windows only) for greater productivity and comfort
  • Improved translations for STEP, IGES, Catia and Rhino
  • Automatic Crash Catcher to save files and operating state before gracefully shutting down
  • Enhanced Drafting Assistant eliminating drop-outs

Cobalt™ v8 Offered:

  • All of the features of Xenon v8
  • Conditional equations
  • Nested Equations
  • Variables allowed in status line and edit object fields
  • Real-time section profiles and cutaway views in edit window (SP1)
  • Enhanced rib tool
  • Relationship- and equation-driven parametrics for more efficient design iteration and greater productivity
  • Assembly tools to easily maintain relationships among parts
  • Mechanical parts library for greater time savings
  • Geometric dimensioning & tolerancing (GD&T)
  • Rib and lip design tools

Upgrade Xenon v6 and Graphite v7

Xenon v6 and its companion license to Graphite v7 can now be upgraded separately. Electronic-only download. Click here to buy now through our on-line web store:

Upgrade Both

Xenon v6 Plus Graphite v7 to Xenon v9 Plus Graphite v10 US $1,490.00 Buy
Upgrade Single-user License (e-only)

Upgrade Xenon Only

Xenon v6 Plus Graphite v7 to Xenon v9 Solo and keep Graphite v7 US $695.00 Buy
Upgrade Single-user License (e-only)

Upgrade Graphite Only

Xenon v6 Plus Graphite v7 to Graphite v10 with NO Xenon Upgrade US $795.00 Buy
Upgrade Single-user License (e-only)

Are you RCR or STU?

Need to upgrade your special-use licenses for RCR (formerly ACO) or STU (formerly EDU?) Click here for pricing options and updated information on your special use licensing agreements.