Upgrade Graphite™ v8

Graphite v8 was four versions back. When upgrading to Graphite v12 you might consider adding:

  • A permanent license, yearly subscription or monthly subscription to Cobalt.
  • A permanent license, yearly subscription or monthly subscription to Xenon.
  • A permanent license, yearly subscription or monthly subscription to Argon.

You might also consider adding:

  • A monthly or yearly subscription to Kinetics. You will either need the free Graphite Surfacer or to get Cobalt, Xenon or Argon to make 3D models to work with Kinetics.

New in Graphite v12 from v8:

  • 2 to 25X faster on zooms, pans and selection, the things you do most
  • Even more DXF/DWG import/export improvements including AutoCAD 2019
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and enhancements
  • Supported and tested on the most current and beta operating systems for Mac and Windows
  • PDF Large Size Export
  • Draw Order Control Two Ways
  • Layer Visibility by Viewport
  • Center Hot Points in Circles
  • Drafting Assistant Snap to Work Plane
  • Ungroup vs. Explode Tool
  • DXF/DWG Scale Factor
  • Greater Usability Enhancements
  • Enhanced Palette & Dialog Position Memory
  • Improved Layer Dialog
  • Zoom All Border Area
  • Grid Color
  • Unknown Font Report
  • More Raster Image Formats
  • Greater Usability Enhancements
  • Enlarged Text for User Interface Items
  • Updated & Enlarged Icons
  • Tool Tips
  • Help Tool Hyperlink
  • Visual Assistance including
    • Cursor Options
    • Scaled Line Weights
    • Menu Font Size (Windows only)
  • General Function Tool Palette
  • New Construction Line Tool
  • Infinite Grid and Construction Line
  • Copy Item by Path Function
  • Stretch Tool
  • Visual Color Selection Palettes
  • Drag & Drop Re-ordering in Layers, Sheets, and Models Dialogs
  • Grid Display
  • Drawing Size Window Supports PDF Page Size
  • EPS Export Enhancements
  • International Enhancements
  • Unicode Core Base
  • Support for 11 Languages
  • Support for Hebrew Typing
  • Support for Files from Pirated Versions of Graphite and Vellum

Upgrade to Graphite v12

Graphite v8 to Graphite v12 US $995.00 Buy
Upgrade Single-user License (e-only)

Are you on an active Subscription and ready to move to the current version?

We don’t automatically upgrade our subscription customers; if you’re ready to upgrade your subscription to the current version at no additional charge, please email customer.service@ashlar.com.

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