Upgrade from Graphite v6 to v10

Graphite v6 is over 10 years old and considered obsolete, therefore it is no longer eligible for standard discounted upgrade. Please contact Ashlar-Vellum or your dealer for pricing.

Graphite v10 2D/3D CAD Offers:

New Features & Functions

Greater Usability Enhancements

Import Export Enhancements

Graphite v9 2D/3D CAD Offered:

Graphite 2D/3D CAD v8 Offered:

  • Updated User lnterface (learn more)
  • Ambiguity Popup Box (learn more)
  • Tear Off Tool Palettes (learn more)
  • New Update Installer (learn more)
  • Mid-point Line Tool (learn more)
  • Resizable Dialogue Boxes (learn more)
  • Offset, Linear and Polar Duplicate Tools in Main Tool Palette (learn more)
  • Undo Buffer for Each Graphite Window (learn more)
  • Enhanced AutoCAD DWG/DXF Support (learn more)
  • Support for Hatch Patterns in .PAT Format (learn more)
  • Eyedropper Tool (learn more)
  • Pen Style Palette (learn more)
  • Direct, Multi-sheet PDF Creation with Optional Imbedded DXF Export (learn more)
  • Status Line is Used to Modify Objects (learn more)
  • Dynamic View (learn more)
  • Customizable Arrows (learn more)
  • Enhanced Spacebar and Mouse Button Panning (learn more)
  • Support for Multiple Instances of Graphite (learn more)
  • Support for Flattened Detail Views (learn more)
  • Support for Automatic Flattened View on Export (learn more)
  • Double Click to Open Edit Objects Dialog Box
  • Improved Multi-user Preferences (learn more)
  • Support for File Names over 32 Characters
  • Import of JPEG and PNG Format Images now Supported
  • File Preview (learn more)
  • Universal Binary Optimized for the Intel Mac
  • Support for Large Format Printers at High Resolution (learn more)
  • Direct Access to Tutorials and Sample Files from the Help Menu (learn more)
  • Improved Printing of Diagonal Lines (Mac)
  • Screen Inverting (learn more)
  • Construction Lines Bug Fixed (Mac) (learn more)
  • Zoom In Long Lines Bug Fixed (Mac) (learn more)
  • Support for Uncommon File Systems (learn more)
  • Patterned Line Support in Detail Views (learn more)
  • Enhanced Spline tool (learn more)
  • Enhanced Text Editing Tools (learn more)
  • New Preference Settings for Selection Tool Behavior

Are you ACO, RCR, EDU or STU?

Need to upgrade your special-use licenses for ACO/RCR, EDU/STU? Contact Ashlar-Vellum or your dealer for pricing and updated information on our special-use licensing agreements.