Graphite v9 2D/3D CAD Offers:

Greater Usability Enhancements

  • Enlarged Text for User Interface Items (learn more)
  • Updated & Enlarged Icons (learn more)
  • Tool Tips (learn more)
  • Help Tool Hyperlink
  • Visual Assistance including: (learn more)
    • Cursor Options
    • Scaled Line Weights
    • Menu Fonts

New Features & Functions

  • General Function Tool Palette (learn more)
  • New Construction Line Tool (learn more)
  • Infinite Grid and Construction Lines
  • Copy Item by Path Function (learn more)
  • Stretch Tool (learn more)
  • Visual Color Selection Palettes (learn more)
  • Drag & Drop Re-ordering in Layers, Sheets, and Models Dialogs (learn more)

Increased Redraw Speed

  • Redrawing Interrupt
  • Grid Display

Import Export Enhancements

  • Latest DXF/DWG Support
  • 2D PDF IMPORT (learn more)
  • PDF Large Size Export
  • Drawing Size Window Supports PDF Page Size (learn more)
  • EPS Export Enhancements (learn more)

International Enhancements

  • Unicode Core Base
  • Support for 11 Languages
  • Support for Hebrew Typing
  • Support for Files from Pirated Versions of Graphite and Vellum®

Xenon™ and Cobalt™ 3D Modeling v8 Both Offer the Following Advantages over Graphite:

  • An integrated 3D design environment of wires, solids and surfaces
  • Associative parametrics
  • Excellent precision drafting
  • Sophisticated shape development tools including splines, ellipses and conics
  • Section Views
  • Mass properties
  • Design Explorer Feature Tree for streamlined model management and conveying design intent
  • Bill of materials
  • 3D CAM/PRT output
  • Courtesy license to Graphite v8

Cobalt v8 Additionally Includes:

  • All of the features of Xenon v8
  • Relationship- and equation-driven parametrics for more efficient design iteration and greater productivity
  • Assembly tools to easily maintain relationships among parts
  • Mechanical parts library for greater time savings
  • Geometric dimensioning & tolerancing (GD&T)
  • Rib and lip design tools

Graphite v8 Upgrade

To: Single-User License Price
Graphite v9 US $245.00
Cobalt v8 Plus Graphite v9 US $1,695,00
Xenon v8 Plus Graphite v9 US $1,195,00

Licenses and physical materials, such as printed manuals and DVDs, are ordered separately. Click here to order physical materials.

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