Upgrade Argon™ v8 to v10

Argon v8 was two versions back. While upgrading to Argon v10 you might consider going to.

  • Cobalt as shown below
  • Xenon as shown below

You might also wish to add:

  • A permanent license, yearly subscription or monthly subscription to Graphite.
  • We highly recommend upgrading to the latest version of Xenon first before subscribing to a yearly or monthly subscription to Kinetics.

Upgrade to Cobalt v10

Argon v8 to Cobalt v10 Solo US $1,235.00 Buy
Upgrade Single-user License (e-only)

Upgrade to Xenon v10

Argon v8 to Xenon v10 Solo US $735.00 Buy
Upgrade Single-user License (e-only)

Upgrade to Argon v10

Argon v8 to Argon v10 US $340.00 Buy
Upgrade Single-user License (e-only)

Are you on an active Subscription and ready to move to the current version?

We don’t automatically upgrade our subscription customers; if you’re ready to upgrade your subscription to the current version at no additional charge, please email customer.service@ashlar.com.

Are you RCR or STU?

Organizations and individuals who qualify for our RCR (Research/Charitable/Retired) or STU (Student) licensing, please click here.