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Featured Designer

Nelson Au

Nelson Au particularly likes Ashlar-Vellum Cobalt™ CAD and 3D modeling software because of its extreme ease-of-use. He tells us:

I was not interested in investing an extended amount of time learning Alias or Pro-E; I was busy with my own design and management responsibilities. I loved [the original] Vellum’s unique user-friendly interface and was glad to find it in their 3D modelers, too.

Au says about Cobalt:

The tool doesn’t limit the designer. If you know how to create models out of surfaces then this will do just about anything.

Read how Au used Cobalt for his winning concept rendering of a digital camera in the Design-engine Photoreal Electronic Competition in Cobalt Helps Wins Grand Prize.

Then see how Au won national acclaim designing the USB pocket hard drive for Seagate Technologies in Clearly a Great Design.


View Nelson Au and 14 other designers from around the world as they talk about the non-linear creative process that makes Ashlar-Vellum 3D modeling software so unique in our movie Organic Workflow™ in Consumer Product Design.

Then see how he and other designers use Cobalt together with SolidWorks, utilizing the very best features of both programs to create the best designs for their clients in our movie Organic Workflow™: Cobalt & SolidWorks.

Click here to listen to Au talk about how much easier it is to use Ashlar-Vellum software than SolidWorks because he doesn’t have to think about the workflow or worry about planes.

Then hear him talk about how using Cobalt (previously called Vellum Solids) is faster to design in and more reliable to output STL files than Rhino.

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