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Featured Designer

Marc Caloren
M3D Design Services

Marc Caloren likes Cobalt™ CAD and 3D modeling software because of its holistic tool palette which integrates engineering and design tools into one interface without having to switch from one mode to another. It allows him to freely sketch, develop a model, render a photo-realistic visualization and create precision engineering drawings all from the same program.

I work with the Ashlar-Vellum products for the specific reason that I can work within one application and explore the forms that I have in my mind...whether it’s surfaces, solids, even the wireframe tools. I can work seamlessly between those three and explore these ideas in what I call an organic way.

View Marc Caloren and 14 other designers from around the world as they talk about the non-linear creative process that makes Ashlar-Vellum CAD and 3D modeling software so unique in our movie Organic Workflow™ in Consumer Product Design.

Click here to listen to Caloren talk about the array of tools in Ashlar-Vellum software for free flowing design.

Then hear him talk about his non-linear design process.

Caloren talks about the power of Ashlar-Vellum software being the ability to work with surfaces, solids and wire frame tools in an organic way all within one package.

Let Caloren tell you about the beauty of Ashlar-Vellulm’s file translation capabilities as a key part of Organic Workflow.

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