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Featured Designer

Celso Santos
Rio 21 Design

Brazil’s Celso Santos of Rio 21 uses Cobalt™ CAD and 3D modeling software to design and market award winning consumer products. Santos loves working in Cobalt because of it’s intuitive ease of use:

You take any of software in this 3D world, and I’ve tried the majority of them, and I have never found something easier than the Ashlar way to do things, so for me this is a very key point.

In this story, read how Celso Santos and Christian Albanese came up with the innovative design for this internationally award winning sun umbrella, In the Spirit of Great Design.

Learn how Santos uses Cobalt, not only for product design, but to facilitate better communications with his production team, 3D packaging design, and illustrated customer assembly instructions in Illuminating More than Product Design.

Read about the success of Celso Santos and Christian Albanese using Cobalt to design their new injection molded polypropylene Frescobol beach racquet in Keeping the Ball in the Air.


View Santos and 14 other designers from around the world as they talk about the non-linear creative process that makes Ashlar-Vellum 3D modeling software so unique in our movie Organic Workflow™ in Consumer Product Design.

Then see how he and other designers use Cobalt together with SolidWorks, utilizing the very best features of both programs to create the best designs for their clients in our movie Organic Workflow™: Cobalt & SolidWorks.

Listen to how Santos compares Cobalt with Solidworks.

Learn how Cobalt gives power to designers and allows them to keep control of their own design process.

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