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Featured Designer

Blair Hopper
Freestyle Systems

Blair Hopper loves working with Xenon™ CAD and 3D modeling software on his Mac computer. He tells us:

It had to be Mac-compatible because I have a big disdain towards PCs. And I saw enough evidence from looking at it that it was a real quality product so I ended up buying a Xenon.

In this story, Blair Hopper tells about helping a stylist friend with carpel tunnel syndrome by designing weightless blow dryer that’s become a commercial success in High Stylin’ in Xenon with Freestyle Systems Dryers.

Read how Hopper used Xenon to develop an LED lighting system providing natural light while drastically reducing power usage in Always Seen in the Best Light.


Listen to Hopper tell about trying to get manufactured a double helix electrical connector designed in Xenon.

Learn how intuitive it is to draw Xenon is to use.

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